Cicilline Remarks in Support of Third Coronavirus Relief Package

Friday, March 27, 2020

WASHINGTON – Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC) Chair David N. Cicilline (RI-01) spoke on the House floor today in support of the third coronavirus emergency relief package. Video of Cicilline’s remarks can be accessed by clicking the image below and the text is embedded below:





Congressman David N. Cicilline

Remarks as Delivered

March 27, 2020


Mr. Speaker, this is a public health crisis unlike any other in modern history.


Since day one of this pandemic, House Democrats have been focused on two things:


  • Saving lives;
  • And supporting families, workers, and small businesses.


That’s why we moved swiftly in recent weeks to pass two bipartisan relief packages that provided:


  • Billions of dollars for medicine, protective gear, and lab tests;
  • Low-interest loans for small business;
  • Emergency paid leave;
  • And free coronavirus testing;


Yet, we understood more needed to be done for working families, but Mitch McConnell still tried to use this third package to put huge corporations first.


But Democrats fought to make this bill about the folks who really need help, and thanks to the leadership of Speaker Pelosi and our extraordinary committee chairs, that’s what this bill does for:


  • The health care workers on the front lines of this fight
  • The working folks and small business owners struggling to get by.


That’s why that this bill provides:


  • $130 billion for hospitals to treat patients and to protect workers;
  • $367 billion in relief for small businesses;
  • $250 billion in direct cash payments to workers and families;
  • And an average of four months of full pay for workers who are laid off because of this crisis.


Let’s pass this bill now.


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