Helping More Rhode Islanders Get Ahead

Congressman Cicilline serves on the Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees. In Congress, he has been aggressively advocating for legislation that would:

  • Create millions of good-paying, full-time jobs by investing in our crumbling roads, bridges, schools, and highways.
  • Prioritize permanent tax relief for working families and small business growth, and put an end to benefits that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas.
  • Lower the cost of living for everything from prescription drugs, to credit card fees, and cable bills by modernizing laws to put a check on corporate greed and promote competition.
  • Improve access to affordable, high-quality early learning and child care.
  • Provide new tax incentives to employers that invest in workforce training and education.
  • Protect the pensions, Social Security, and Medicare benefits that seniors rely on to live their retirement with dignity.
  • Overhaul our broken campaign finance system that concentrates too much power in the hands of special interests and lobbyists.
  • Extend expanded COVID-19 unemployment compensation, provide additional relief to struggling small businesses, and ensure our state, cities, and towns have the resources they need to continue urgent response and recovery efforts.


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